Our intent is to provide the best possible service through an enjoyable process, in which we collaborate to create excellent work that is tailored to your specific needs. We want to avoid the common frustration caused by an uncontrolled and undefined project and process, without losing the flexibility needed to ensure the maximum creativity.

Specificity and clarity are the keys to controlling the project. To this end, in the Programming Phase, we will help you define the size, scope, budget and character of the project, as well as our fee, to a degree that best suits you. We think it is important to do this before we start drawing to ensure that we set off on the right path and avoid wasted effort and time on scenarios that don’t fit your specific needs. If time and energy are conserved getting started, the process is afforded the flexibility and momentum needed during the ensuing design phases to explore multiple options and to refine the design to a high level of detail.

During Schematic Design and Design Development we will create a home that is tailored to you, as a translation of your vision, through the filter of our sensibility. To ensure that the benefits of a concise and thorough process are carried through to the construction phase, we believe in finishing with a very accurate and complete set of Construction Documents and Specifications.

It is equally important to us that we are involved and available throughout Construction in order to provide the necessary input needed to ensure the design intent is executed in the best possible manner. Throughout the life of your project we will explore ways to make the process more efficient, effective and enjoyable.